Swedish artist Hedvig Wissting creates sculptures by hand in her new studio in Norrköping. Inspired by nature, the art of Hedvig Wissting is calm and soft yet playful and inventive.

In the collection 'Halitus' made for The Ode To Hedvig Wissting mixes different structures and tones and shows the versatility of ceramic art.

Hedvig Wissting has always enjoyed working with her hands. After studies within photography, she started assisting other photographers before she started working on her own. After sickness from stress, she started with ceramics and went to Vårdinge Folkhögskola for two years. Today she has her own studio in Norrköping where she creates ceramic art all by hand using a kind of coiling method. Even if Hedvig Wissting has found home both geographical but also regarding her creative art form, the time in Norwegian Lofoten during photography school puts its traces in her daily work inspiration and her visual language:

"It was amazing, I think the barren landscape and the blue light will always be present in my work."

The art of Hedvig Wissting is a result of a free and intuitive working process where the objects grow intuitively in her hands and form into organic shapes.

At The Ode To we are thrilled to present a collection from Hedvig Wissting, including a wide range of sculptures in different shapes, colours and textures. What binds them together is the organic and soft shapes, with an elegant and timeless expression.

Photo: Omma Fotografi