Liat Greenberg is an Israeli fashion designer and painter, who now lives in Stockholm, Sweden. She keeps creativity as a fundamental part of her everyday life, both professionally and as a means of expression.

Liat Greenberg's paintings come spontaneously as her emotions and ideas are transformed into colours and shapes. Liat sees painting and drawing as a meditative, non-verbal and unconscious form of expression. Her art practice is defined by her desire to capture the sensuality of the natural world and a desire to escape the dominant forms, by making her floral motifs more abstract.

We fell for Liat Greenberg's blurred paintings of flowers where the colours beautifully bleed into each other. 'Clouded Bloom' is a series of floral still-life paintings capturing a moment of sensual and spiritual introspection. Through these works, Liat contemplates the meaning of flowers: Whilst their ephemeral yet beautiful appearance serves as an expression of love and gratitude, they simultaneously hold a, in her experience, inaccurately idealized understanding of femininity. Torn between her opposing emotions, Liat decided to approach flowers artistically and found herself in a joyful reunion.

Escaping the proper form through the blurred exaggerations of watercolors and expressive strokes of oil pastels, Liat’s floral drawings express a youthful glance on flowers, a dreamy vision, and sheer memory of beauty detached from internalised meanings.