What do you get when you're brought up in fiery Rio, but in a family of mathematicians? Anna Morgado is a sculptor that thoroughly does research and studies different materials, while also bringing in a poetic and soulful self-expression. Discover Anna Morgado's sculptures

Anna Morgado studied visual communication and was working with graphic design at a branding agency when she accidentally stumbled into a ceramics course. She got hooked on ceramics and when she later moved to Lisbon, she gave sculpting a proper chance and taught herself by surrendering to the process and learning by mistakes. 

She's since moved to Amsterdam where The Ode To's co-founder Anna lives and discovered her work. We love how Anna Morgado's sculptures remind of ancient fertility art, while also being very modern and minimalist. 

The Ode To Anna Morgado Artist Portrait The Ode To Anna Morgado Artist Portrait

"I allowed myself to explore the feminine shape with freedom and giving the material space to react and interact. Its natural expansion, deformation, and flaws are celebrated and become a symbol of acceptance and resistance." The matte and raw clay surface shows the connection to nature and ensures that the focus is put on the actual shapes of the sculptures. 

Anna Morgado sums up her artistry best: "I try to find a balance between the rigid structure of the research and this poetic way of expressing myself. In general, my work is simple and minimal with a lot of focus on natural characteristics, textures, and colors. I balance that with shapes that allow me to express my very cliché - in the best way possible - Brazilian soul and flow." We love a good cliché. 

The Ode To Anna Morgado Artist Portrait The Ode To Anna Morgado Artist Portrait