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Atelier Armand

Cecilia Armand is a designer and artist based in Stockholm. She makes sculptural and functional one of a kind objects crafted by hand. She likes to explore different textures and combines soft and hard shapes. ”I am often drawn to opposites and like to combine them and see what happens.”

Art and interior design have always been a big part of Cecilia's life and the interest started at a young age. She has always created in one way or another and after building a career in PR and advertising she longed to create with her hands. Making sculptures and artworks in clay was initially considered a hobby, but Cecilia quickly realised that she had found her calling. 

Cecilia Armand Artist Portrait

Her ceramic sculptures have a modern, yet timeless fell, so you can love her artworks for a long time. Her desire is to create objects that are visually and aesthetically pleasing but yet fulfill a function, physically and emotionally. 

Cecilia Armand think that unique items are what give a room a personality, it allows the buyer to express themselves and show how they are as people. See all Atelier Armand's artworks

Atelier Armand Artist Craftsmanship