Benjamin Ewing started his journey of becoming an artist in his early teenage years, building canvases and creating large scale stencil work on glass and wood panels. Already at 15 years old he got his first job at a photography studio where he learned the basic elements of photography, post-production and print design. From this experience he started his own business and began to build his own client base. In college Benjamin Ewing later studied film photography and design while continuing to work full time at the photography studio and running his own side projects.

Benjamin Ewing Artist Studio Benjamin Ewing Artist Portrait 

The busy schedule paid off and after some time Benjamin moved to Los Angeles to work for a clothing company, producing graphics as well as assisting in garment design and editorial production. Finally he started up his own design studio in Portland. He was busy working with projects in branding and editorial but was missing the more tangible elements of the canvas that he had left behind in his teenage years. 

One night destiny spoke to him when he by chance passed a few empty canvases on the street. He took them home and since then painting has been his main artistic expression.

In the future Benjamin hopes to explore the ranks of more and more complex mediums such as stone, metal sculpture work and architectural design. One day he also intends to create his own structures to facilitate his own growth as an artist as well as the work of others.   

Benjamin Ewing Painting

The work of Benjamin Ewing has been focused around trying to understand the innate response to materials, light and visuals by boiling down visual principles to their most essential form. He uses figurative work to evoke mood and messaging, and to explore the dynamics of relationships in both his paintings as well as to build engagement and relationship between the viewer and the pieces. With every new piece he continues to explore these responses and how they function in the contemporary cultural climate. 

For The Ode To, Benjamin Ewing has created a unique series of prints called As You Hear It. The series consists of both charcoal sketches from Benjamin’s archive and paintings done in acrylic on canvas. 

The idea behind As You Hear It is to give a more intimate look behind the curtain to some of the more raw explorations from his sketchbook that he has built over the years. With As You Hear It, Benjamin wants to show the seed of an idea before it has gone through any refinement processes. He finds that after time passes, some of the earliest works can be the most pure and vulnerable once. In the series for The Ode To the early sketches are paired with some complete pieces, showing us the contrast between the beginning and the end stages of art. Explore the full unique series As You Hear It by Benjamin Ewing.