Edinburgh based Kim Williamson is the person behind the moniker Birkim Bags that has carved out a unique and creative space on Instagram with her seriously charming ceramic versions of plastic bags. We fell for her ability of making something pretty and lasting from something so ordinary and disposable as grocery bags. Here's her story: 

Kim Williamson has been a long-time crafter and has been working for others as a freelance creative. She didn't purse any formal art training and got a university degree in another field, just because she was taught the arts wasn't a viable career. As she got in touch and worked with various small businesses run by women, she started to develop her own creative ideas. Covid lockdowns actually made it possible for her to push everything forward and make it her path. 

The aesthetics around Birkim Bags can best be described as playful, understated captivating and truthful. The ceramic vases are handmade and unique pieces that hope to engage and motivate conversation around the excessive use of single plastic. There's an ironic nod to the familiar graphics of grocery bags.  

Kim Williamson has made a special series that is exclusively available at The Ode To where she brings up the importance of changing habits, so she's made ceramic versions of tote bags. See Birkim Bags' vases.