A never-ending form exploration

"A chance to really explore and test my methods of creating unique artworks that have been simmering in my sketchbook." That’s how Jon Buck, the multidisciplinary designer and artist behind Bucktron, describes his collection made exclusively for The Ode To. Form Exploration is not only the name of the series, but also captures the core of his work, exploring and creating forms through processes and materials.

Jon Buck's fascination in sculpture and art can be traced in everything he does. Before starting a career and studio in Stockholm, Jon Buck studied in the field of materials and processing methods in England. In his studio, Bucktron primarily produces artworks and furniture for a range of commercial clients, whilst allowing himself to explore different methods and processes.

"The forms are supposed to have a life of their own. I create the mechanism or apparatus that the artworks derive from. Give them their own personality as each piece is different from the last."

In Bucktron's experimental and inventive visual language, the encounter between the spontaneous and bold is emphasized. The work of Bucktron is lively, expressive, and colourful – and the wall sculptures created for The Ode To are not an exception.

While showing the amazing side of explorative creation Bucktron proofs the enless opportunitues that comes when being curious. Explorer, researcher, creative genius – at The Ode To we are so excited to be a part of Bucktron's exciting artistic journey.