When you see the astonishing art of Conxi Sane, it is quite hard to believe that she's only been painting for four years. Since the very first time she tried it, the paint brush has been her natural medium of self-expression. With a graduation in Fashion from the University of Arts of London, Conxi Sane is today a dedicated artist based in Malaga as well as Berlin.

The art of Conxi Sane is often described as an exploration of the subconscious. With inspiration from the schools of Surrealism and Cubism and artists such as Pablo Picasso and Joan Miró, Conxi Sane has found her unique expression and creates beautiful geometrical worlds built by abstract shapes and vivid colours. Her deep appreciation of music, especially Latin Jazz, plays an important part in the work and stimulates her process of creation.

The collection made exclusively for The Ode To draws inspiration from the beautiful ceramics Conxi Sane saw in the traditional Andalusian courtyards. By combining cultural influences with a strong visual language, Conxi Sane gives the viewer a glimpse of places where the sun and sea breeze meet the smell of Jazmin.