Corrie Williamson is a London based multifaceted artist that always been embracing her creativity in different ways. Growing up with a creative and supporting mum, she loved to experiment with things she found in her childhood home to create and design. She used her mom’s sewing machine, the iron for making wax paintings and with the food processor Corrie Williamson magically turned recycling paper into pulp. The ability to think outside the box has never been a problem and even today she finds her inspiration and materials in her surrounding, which least said brings a unique and contemporary tone to her work.

During her academic degree in Visual Culture at the University of Brighton, Corrie Williamson got hooked in textile art which made her transfer onto a Textiles BA course. She descibes this as her happy place since it allowed her to experiment with different materials as well as processes and making things in the way she did as a kid. Whilst studying, she found a new interest in jewelry making which she embraced quickly and immediately started to create her own jewelry. When finishing her studies Corrie Williamson moved her creative ideas into her own studio space which became a starting point for a fantastic artist career.

Corrie Williamson has a fascinating eagerness to create, and her inventive use of materials is reflected in everything she makes. What started as a decoration for her own child, is now one important part of her artistry: beautiful ornamental mobiles. By carefully combining materials such as wood and metals, she creates sculptural mobiles by a mixture of silversmithing and woodworking techniques. Corrie Williamson uses reclaimed wooden offcuts from other makers and gives them new life, still embracing each individual piece by letting the original materials inform the process and the outcome. She describes her aesthetic as minimal and paired back and shows how simplicity can still be exciting and unpredictable. The shadows the mobiles create change with the sunlight during the day, are a very influential a part of the artworks.

When we first came across the work of Corrie Williamson we couldn't help to fall for her gripping and unique mobiles, expressing an endless and everchanging movement in a sober way. With simple but playful shapes the mobiles created for The Ode To are paired back in their palette and combine influences from Japanese design and the Bauhaus movement. We are glad to be a part of Corrie Williamson's dedication to creating zero waste artworks and the way she allows the materials work as a very important element in her art.