Delta Venus is the moniker of Melbourne-based artist Paige Hasaballah. Already from a young age she could see emotions and energies as shapes and colours, so all her artworks are ways for her to show how she sees the world and what she feels. Often the visualisation of feelings would come through in Paige's dreams. Art naturally resonated with this experience as she could communicate what she was seeing with others.

Delta Venus artist portrait 

With each piece Delta Venus aims to convey the energy in which it was made and the painting is actually a visualisation of the mood for that specific moment. In an exclusive collaboration with The Ode To, Delta Venus has created a series 'In Stillness', which was created in a sense of calm. Her hope is to bring that same energy into the lives of its new owners. 

We love the subliminal message and not the least the soft shapes and harmonious colours. See Delta Venus' edition collection

Delta Venus Limited Edition Art Prints