The architectural designer Derya Arpac was born in Turkey, but after working many years as an architect in Istanbul, she started to feel more and more distanced to working in 1:1 human scale. A move to Copenhagen, where she started to study Architecture and Design at The Royal Danish Academy, also made her find a new approach to design. In different workshops she learned the importance of working with real materials and the process of building all your ideas with your own hands.

These workshops became Derya Arpac's happy place since they allowed her to work more freely and closer to the material. New mediums and processes opened a new world, and she started to learn by experimenting with concrete casting, sculpturing with clay as well as structuring with wood and metal. From that moment the love for different materials and techniques has influenced her artistry and she has been working broadly within design.

As a former designer at Hay and Note Design Studio, she is currently designing furniture and products under her own name. Her aesthetics is built on simple forms and robust materials and with a constant admiration for colours. Her excellent craftsmanship, eye for design and function, is highly present in the artworks made for The Ode To. In the jar series "Ripple" she explores the concept and contrast of storing and displaying items, and shows how art can be functional yet a treat for the eyes. Function and form is also explored in the "Multi-Color Vase", where a beautiful colour collage is transformed into a three-dimensional vase.