Playing with clay

It’s hard to imagine that Dina Sandberg gets bored easily, because looking at her artworks, you can’t help but smile. But maybe it’s that sense of avoiding boredom that keeps Dina Sandberg moving forward. Her artworks, part functional vases and part ceramic sculptures, are covered with texture and pattern, creating a spirited expression.

“I think my style is quite playful! I love working with colours and shapes that are a bit odd.”

When Dina Sandberg grew up, art was a natural part of her everyday life. She did oil paintings as a child but discovered, and was inspired by, other materials over the years. Today, ceramic is her favourite material.

“My inspiration always starts with the medium I work with. I might have an idea of a shape, but during the process it takes its own path.”

At her TikTok account, ponnyprisma, we’re invited to Dina Sandberg’s studio to watch her creative process. The clay is sculpted, draped, carved, and molded and once Dina Sanberg’s artworks are done, they are finished in ethereal glazes, in shades of pastel pink, blue and yellow.

“The faces on the vase gradually emerge. A vase can have three eyes, organic handles, then I can get a feeling of adding text as well. In the end, I think that the flowers and the vase should complement each other. And of course, it should look nice.”

The series of artworks that Dina Sandberg has created especially for The Ode To are called Cry Babies. Each one of them are infused with levity, humor, and character, be it through faces, shapes, or text. Looking at Dina Sandberg’s ceramics we realize that they are all about tactility, playfulness and amazing craftsmanship—and they leave us in awe.