Painting as an escape

Abstract landscapes, patterns, and unexpected colour combinations characterize the artworks created by Swedish artist Elin Waak. Often inspired by coastal landscapes and water, Elin Waak literally lives surrounded by inspiration: on a boat, built back in 1947, that is both her home and studio.

“When painting becomes a state of mind and I can be completely free, that’s when I’m at my best.”

Most of Elin Waak’s work is based on oil and acrylic. Sometimes, when using leftover boat colors and primers that she finds on the wharf where she lives, interesting textures and unexpected elements of colour appear.

“How colours can be mixed and how they speak to each other is an essential part of my aesthetics. Lately, I’ve found myself in an experimental phase, trying out different techniques and methods”

As a kid, Elin Waak painted all the time, but then took a break that lasted for several years. It was during her graphic design studies that Waak found her way back to being creative. Once she re-discovered the joy of an artistic expression, she picked up the painting brush again.

“My goal is to paint things that make me happy. Trying not to overthink or overdo.”

Water movements, waves and coastal scenery inspired Elin Waak to create her series of artworks for The Ode To. And we must admit that we are happy that graphic design didn’t get the best of Elin Waak, as her artistry fascinates us. We couldn’t be more excited to follow her career in the coming years.