By creating art pieces from waste materials, Emeli Höcks is breaking norms and pushing for change within the creative industry as well as from the bigger world surrounding it. 

Emeli is a designer with a background in art and a special interest in sustainable issues and material research. She sees it as a responsibility of artistry and design to constantly search for new and better ways of working towards a sustainable future. From this belief she’s creating materials, objects as well as discovering new shapes by using materials in our direct vicinity. Instead of creating something completely new, she’s creating beauty from what we already have right in front of us.

Emeli Höcks Sustainable Artworks

For The Ode To, Emeli Höcks has created a playful yet minimalistic collection with a dimmed and natural colour palette. The material used is created purely from waste and is also biodegradable with the main components being paper, seaweed, charcoal, starch and eggshells. We find her strive to create this unique material very impressive.

Emeli’s work is inspiring us to seek alternative solutions and to see beauty in all things surrounding us. See for yourself by taking a tour of Emeli Höcks' sculptures