Emma Wiik is from Östersund in the north of Sweden and moved to Stockholm four years ago to start studying to become an arts teacher, which she's now about to graduate from. We discovered Emma Wiik's artworks at a Christmas Fair held by Konstfack, University for Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm even before we founded The Ode To and kept thinking about her artworks.

Emma Wiik Paintings

In the series 'Neck' she captures people from behind in a way that evokes our imagination about who these people are. Someone might see a young woman, while someone else might interpret it as a distinguished man. This highly unique idea started when Emma realised that she become too fixated with beauty and perfection when drawing people's faces and turned the creative process into something more free by painting the back of people's heads instead. This series is launching soon. 

As we went through Emma Wiik's portfolio we discovered gracefully made studies of women, created with pastel and highlighted with acrylic paint, which now has turned into the series 'The Body'. Her work is exclusively made for The Ode To and we personally see something really special in Emma Wiik's ability to capture a person with a few simple strokes with pen and brush. See all of Emma Wiik's drawings and sketches

The Ode To Emma Wiik Artist Portrait