Fanny Bylund Artist Portrait

Like the story often goes, Fanny Bylund didn't start by pursuing an artist career, instead she went with the more rational Plan B in the shape of studying social science. But as her curiosity grew, she couldn't let go of her Plan A of following an artist route. She decided to dive into ceramics and started at Leksands Folkhögskola and fell for the material. She gave her art dream a shot and got her Bachelor from Oslo National Academy of the Arts. She's also lived in Copenhagen and currently lives in Stockholm. 

"What I love most in life is being in the workshop building things in clay, forgetting about time and getting lost in the feeling of flow."

Fanny Bylund handmade sculptures  Fanny Bylund ceramic sculpture process

"I’m striving for a minimalistic yet playful expression, taking my inspiration from the old masters and from shapes and forms I see around me in nature and in the urban landscape."

We love how Fanny Bylund's sculptures are reminiscent of nature with their organic shapes, yet has their very own unique look and the trace of an artistic human hand. She normally makes very large pieces, but has made smaller versions of her work just for The Ode To so that they easier can find a place in your home.

See all of Fanny Bylunds ceramic sculptures

Fanny Bylund Artist Portrait  Fanny Bylund Natten Sculpture