Australian artist Fipé Gouge-Merrall's art interest started at an early age and was fostered by growing up in Sydney's art culture where frequent visits to the city's art museums where part of the curriculum. She started studying at the National Art School in Sydney, which had a big focus on life drawing as an essential prat of the practice. 

Fipé Gouge-Merrall artist portrait

The life drawing turned out to be Fipé's favourite classes and has led her to find her artistic voice. To paint the human form is one of the most classic motifs within art and in Fipé Gouge-Merrall's work we see a dream-like and surreal way of depicting a person. The shapes take abstract forms and posture that we find very poetic. The faces are usually kept abstract or turned away in order for the spectator to see themselves in the artworks. The soft colour combinations add that extra harmony for your gaze. 

Fipé lives in Sweden and the series 'Spring (Awake)' is inspired by how the dark Swedish winter turns to light in spring. See all paintings by Fipé Gouge-Merrall. 

Fipé Gouge-Merrall Painting