Born in Paris, Florence Bamberger graduated from Central Saint Martins in London with a Bachelor in Graphic Design and later from ESAG Penninghen in Paris with a Master in Art Direction. Before this she started on a journey within science but always knew that her heart was longing for the field of art. Today Florence Bamberger works as a freelance art director, illustrator and artist, dreaming of one day making large ceramic pieces, sculptures as well as wall pieces and large paintings. 

Florence Bamberger artist portrait Florence Bamberg Limited edition print

Florence Bamberger creates art that tells stories. The shapes of her pieces are often made with curvy lines that in a way echo the soft movement of a pencil touching the sheet of a paper. In her work she often combines both drawing and modelling to create a symbolism between the two. Her pieces either focus on the shape itself or the graphism to make sure the two are always associated. 

For The Ode To Florence Bamberger has created a series crafted from modelling with sandstone. The pieces come from the inspiration in a range of ideas spanning from antic Roman ladies to a double man portrait that in the end are interwoven by Florence’s love for color and drawing. 

We love Florence's ability to portray a person in a physical material such as ceramics. She has also made a series of limited edition prints that show a two-dimensional representation of her creative world. See Florence Bamberger's artworks

Florence Bamberger ceramic sculptures Florence Bamberger sculptor