Textured delights

Delicious and distinct – that's how the Dutch multidisciplinary artist Florencia Rojas describes her aesthetics. Alluring depths, delicate curves, and interesting finish; the art of Florencia Rojas is delightful, inviting, and strikingly unique.

Florencia Rojas has spent all her life working with different mediums. Already as a child she used her hands to create and design things and describes herself as a craftaholic child. These skills turned out to be useful when starting a career within architecture and design.

"Architecture allowed me to think about design and space on a large scale. To visualize and plan how a building or layouts would function on their own, and in relation to their environment. Designing allowed me some creative freedoms, but I felt weighed down by the technical side of my work."

When buying and renovating her first home together with her partner, Florencia Rojas was influenced by the creative world of materials. Returning to construction materials Florencia Rojas found joy in experimentation and play.

"My inner craftaholic relished the opportunity to get her hands dirty again. Using tools and brushes, paints, plasters and grout, to mold and repair and create new from old. "

After a long time trying different combinations, processes, and materials, Florenica Rojas found her own technique and way to create and express herself. This is how her signature style was born; artworks filled with sensory pleasures and tantalizing textures.

"My artwork is a blend of traditional and non-traditional materials in a series of audacious artistic sculptures. Each one unique. Every new piece pushes me to new limits. Encouraging me to interact with the materials in new ways to create additional effects and express myself freely."

Through her art, Florencia Rojas has found a sense of freedom and confidence which is reflected in everything she creates. For The Ode To Florencia Rojas has created a series of artworks in different colours and finishes. Tempting you to touch, these statement pieces investigate the play of shapes and shadows in a new dimension.