As with many of our artists, Fredrika Linde got the inspiration to create from her family. Her grandfather was an artist and due to lack of money he always created the art he wanted for his own home. Therefore Fredrika started by making the art the wanted for herself. 

Fredrika Linde Artist Portrait Fredrika Linde artist home

Fredrika Linde makes abstract oil paintings with layers and layers of paint. With playful brushstrokes, movement and carving she creates very lively and bold statement paintings. We particularly love to see the interplay between the different colours and that the traces of the human hand. 

She studied art at Nyckelviksskolan and currently studies architecture. The mix of art and architecture is always an interesting combination and maybe it's the spatial attitude that make Fredrika Linde's painting such strong visual presence in a room. The paintings are all made in her home at Katarina Bangata in Stockholm. See all Fredrika Linde's editions

Fredrika Linde limited editions