Moving in multiple directions

Transparency, repetition, and light. Those are the themes that artist Giulia Cairone works with. Her main interest is to create objects that both have a visible front, and a visible background. In Giulia Cairone’s artworks, layers of colour are juxtaposed to each other, then they meet and blend together.

“I often use bright colours, from pink to lilac, from fluorescent red to yellow and blue, in different shades. Even though the colours almost fade away at times, they still have a strong presence.”

Photo: Domenic Lundhahl

Giulia Cairone started her artistic career as a photographer.

“Analogue photography was the first technique that made an impact on me, and paved the way into art school. It also created a drive to look for different ways of making art. I think the making is the major reason I became an artist.”

During her years in art school—Giulia Carione has a master’s degree in fine art from Konstfack University of Art and Crafts in Stockholmshe became increasingly interested in different materials and physical works.

“I began to experiment with materiality, soap, wax, latex and steel. I was interested in large-scale installations, somewhere in between painting and sculpture.”

The series of artworks that Giulia Cairone has made especially for The Ode To is created using acrylic on plexiglass and called “A brief moment, taking multiple directions”. Having moved from an old and quite dark studio, to a new one on the second floor in an industrial building, Giulia Cairone has been inspired by light.

“I’ve mainly been thinking of treating the colour in a way that would make them strong in their presence and yet almost transparentso that the light would shine through."

In the series, Giulia Cairone works recurring with shapes such as grids, hearts, and diagonal lines, since she is interested in how those shapes can offer endless possibilities and variations.

At The Ode To we love Giulia Cairone’s vibrant artworks and how they can be viewed from different angles. Looking at them, we feel energized and optimistic.