A free-flowing process

Hanna Heino is a Finnish ceramic artist with an interesting and long creative background. Since childhood the creativity has played an inseparable role in her life, and the desire to create has always been strongly present.

With 15 years' experience in fields of interior design, civil engineering and visual marketing, Hanna Heino took a big step and established her own studio in 2019. Since then, she has been fully committed to her art and lived according to the philosophy, learning by doing:

"I have learned everything by myself and made several mistakes, but still so strongly trusted my expression, and that this is something so meaningful that I just can’t stop."

For Hanna Heino art is not only a passion, but her lifestyle. She describes how everything in her life is somehow connected to the pieces she creates. Even if making art comes naturally, the process behind every work is built from multiple hours of testing, searching, and learning. The art of Hanna Heino is in many ways a reflection of her inner voice.

"The feeling that I can hold on to freedom to create is one of the major values in my life. The creative expression provides me an opportunity to revive the things I can’t find the words for, it is a way to make my inner landscape visible."

Hanna Heino wants to emphasize the beauty of raw clay by keeping it as the core of her work. By a caring respect to the material, allowing the natural to play its part, impressions of purity and calmness from the nature can be traced in all her pieces.

Hanna Heino descibes her working processes as an accumulation of emotions, experiences, and pure intuition. With organic forms and lively surfaces, she allows the atworks to grow and develop along the journey.

"I believe that the small diversities in tones and forms give vibrancy while leaving room for genuine material and making it easily approachable. Using different textures gives me the opportunity to bring subtle variety to my art."

Hanna Heino Sculptures The Ode To Artworks

The collection made exclusively for The Ode To shows the magnificent craftmanship of Hanna Heino and her impressive and well-detailed methods. Dreamy and natural, simple and complex, hard and soft – the sculptures of Hanna Heino are a fascinating play with contrarieties. The resultat of that play is unique and strikingly beautiful artworks.