Meet Hannah Willén, a true artistic soul and multifaced artist, with a strong ambition to create meaningful art. A creative lifestyle, and the love for design, has always been a given for Hanna Willén, the choice of education as well as career within the design fields came naturally. But somewhere along the road she realized she needed to step out of the industry and follow her own path. Today she has found her own creative path in life and is working on several projects by her own; where one is the smashing collection Birch Mirrors that just arrived at The Ode To. With these mirrors, Hannah Willén provides the viewer a new, and maybe more inviting, reflection of reality.

With a sturdy, maximalistic and provoking aesthetics Stockholm based Hanna Willén wishes to design objects that amaze and captivate the beholder. She describes herself as a design activist, in the matter of challenging norms and provoke change by her art. And it is not only heavy subjects that influences her artistic voice. Despite the soft and innocent shapes of the mirrors, the design idea was born from her passion for being provocative;

"Being provocative within heavy subjects does take a toll on me though, so I alternate with lighter subjects too. For example, the Birch Mirror came to be because me and a coworker made fun of the organic mirror frame-trend. Later that day I thought f*ck it, I’m gonna make the prettiest organic frame there is. I love to challenge my own and others' opinions, no matter how large or small."

The shapes of the frame in the "Birch Mirror" take inspiration from Hanna Willén's favourite source when it comes to creating organic shapes: the dwarf beeches in Skåne. As a result of dedicated shape studies and endless sketches, the final shape was finalized which provides the mirrors with a captivating and contemporary look. According to us, Hannah Willén has manage to implement her vision of creating the prettiest organic frame there is!