Artist Helena Malm is a master of colour and materials. We first discovered Helena's work through her impeccable studies of how materials and colours interact in the world of ceramics and glass. 

Helena Malm got her first degree in 2007 from HDK, the Academy for Art and Design in Gothenburg and has been working as a print designer ever since. She expanded her artistry into ceramics and art a few years and is currently doing her BFA at Konstfack, the University of Arts, Crafts and Design, in Stockholm. 

Her work is defined by colour popping graphics that is inspired by geometry and architecture. Helena Malm even creates her own materials from coloured clay and glass. 

The series 'Waves' is made exclusively for The Ode To and is a true testament to Helena Malm's artistry. The sculptures are made from waste material from the hotshop, so basically all the little broken scrapped glass pieces that otherwise couldn't be used. The glass is crushed and melted in a fusing kiln into puddle-like shapes, then slumped (melted) on metal to achieve the final wavy shapes. The process is organic and somewhat beyond the artist's control and it's the transformation of the material from hard to soft and hard again that makes these wavy sculptures. 

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Helena Malm glass sculpture