Ida Vikfors is a Finnish pattern designer and artisan in textile today based in Sweden. Already as a child she was fascinated by textures, surfaces and materials. She is an artist with her own way of watching the world; by looking more with her hands than with her eyes she has created her own world which has shaped herself and her aesthetics.

It all started as a curiosity of the world of art. A world Ida Vikfors found to be both hard to reach and not meant for her. Today she feels both secure and grounded in the artistic world; never has something felt so right and natural.

“My work is like a friend I could not imagine to live without.”

Ida Vikfors describes her art as a bit modest; it needs attention to be revealed which also works as a reminder to the viewer to be present. The light plays a big role as well. Different light creates different shades and shadows which affect how the artworks are interpreted.  

The art of Ida Vikfors captures different dimensions, shapes and tones in a unique way. The result is a minimalistic yet tactile expression that shows the beauty of simplicity. The Ode To is happy and proud to present Ida Vikfors handmade paintings that proof that art can be minimalistic yet interesting. Influenced by architecture, the paintings consist of sculptural lines and textures in geometrical shapes and monochromatic colours. The paintings are all handmade in different shapes and sizes and work as well together as individual pieces.