The language of knitting

Growing up, Inger Odgaard was surrounded by creative women doing needle work, knitting, or crocheting. So even before starting school, she learned how to knit. Today, Inger Odgaard is an experienced sculptor creating hand knitted sculptures in a variety of textile materials.

“Knitting is a very fundamental techniquea languageto me.”

When creating a new sculpture, Inger Odgaard starts with the basic form, the skeleton. Once that is knitted, each sculpture is immersed in a sequence of baths, adding volume and texture. With each sequence the appearance of the sculpture changes, moving towards its final shape.

“I have spent the last 11 years developing the technique that I apply in my sculpturesexploring is a process that never ends.”

In Between Spaces is a series of sculptures that Inger Odgaard has been working on for the last couple of years. Although varying in shape, size and colour, each sculpture is spacious and transparent, consisting of holes and in-between spaces—allowing for the spectator to look both inside, and through, the sculptures.

At The Ode To we are intrigued by the many layers that Inger Odgaard’s art unveils: the surface of one layer relates to the still visible remains of the previous layer, and the remains of the original structure. In other words—the outside of Inger Odgaard’s sculptures is a processed reflection of the inside.