Jacqueline De La Fuente, the artist and maker behind the brand DE LA JARDIN, creates amazing artworks in a modern and inventive way. By making sculptures from reused material, the London based artist captures an important part of the zeitgeist of today. With the use of modern shapes and smashing colours, she transforms discarded paper and card waste, into beautiful and fascinating art pieces.  

With a career in textile- and product design, the love for creation has always been an important part of Jacqueline de la Fuente. When starting a family she decided to follow her inner passion for ceramics which became a starting point for a new creative direction. A new life with kids gave insight into how modern lifestyle is affecting the environment and made her realise the amount of waste daily life created. This realisation turned out to be the perfect opportunity to combine sustainable thinking with her creative interest. By turning waste materials into a papier-mâché clay, she discovered a material that opened up for many opportunities in regards to form, textures and colours.

"My art and aesthetic is very much about heightening the senses, through touch, form and colour. The slow and meditative process means each part of a vase is carefully sculpted before adding clay or bringing them together into one unique, perfectly imperfect piece. "

The series ‘Rejuvenate’, created for The Ode To, looks at giving shapes, pattern and materials a new lease of life. By recycling colour and pattern on existing shapes, Jacquline De La Fuente gives each piece a new identity which resonates very much with today's climate of recycling and circular design. It is consciously created and the result is truly amazing by showing how trash can be transformed into art.