“I’ve been an artist my whole life, but now I feel that I have something to say, rather than creating observational pieces.” These are the words of Jenny Beard, the English artist and creator of the collection “Vacant Chunk” made exclusive for The Ode To.

The art of Jenny Beard is eye-catching and colourful. The interest in the use of colour has always been present in Jenny Beard's life and is the main driving force in the making of her art. Even if the colours and shapes can be seen as joyous and feminine, she points at a self-deprecating undertone with a humorous twist. The aesthetics of Jenny Beard’s art is all about a certain buzz - that captures the eye.

The series of “Vacant Chunk” consists of four unique oil paintings that shows on Jenny Beard's big artistic personality. These pare expressive and colourful with inspiration taken from her life:

I was really thinking about small moments and observations of my life, my complex relationship with self-expression, and my experience of the Northern art world. I wanted to say something serious, without taking myself too seriously.”

With her expressive art Jenny Beard shows a playful and unique style and proves that art has neither rules nor boundaries. By mixing abstract patterns and shapes together with texts she creates art holding both direct and indirect message. And that is what makes the art of Jenny Beard not only unique but also interesting!