Getting drawn in by colours and distracted by beautiful details, creativity came naturally for the artist Jenny Wallhult. She describes herself as a highly visual person constantly collecting, capturing and arranging patterns and shapes.

As a child Jenny Wallhult did not understand that you actually could make a living of what she does today - being an artist. Working at a design studio as a graphic designer she always tries to make time for what she sees as a fundamental element of her life – painting!

Growing up on an island outside Gothenburg Jenny Wallhult learned the basics of watercolour from her retired and passionate grandfather. She describes her relationship to watercolour as a bit paradoxical: at the same time as its liberating, it is also frustrating. Working with watercolour is different compared to graphic design by being an unforgiving, honest and direct medium. Therefore, it is not the best to create graphical and minimal expression – an aesthetic that Jenny Wallhult otherwise is drawn to. Using watercolours opens up for the imperfection and happy accidents where the unexpected interaction between pigment and paper plays a big part.

We are more than happy that Jenny Wallhult has created an exclusive collection of paintings for The Ode To. By painting silhouettes of different people Jenny Wallhult creates mystical and dreamy artworks that make the viewer curious and mesmerized. These artworks show Jenny Wallhult’s craftmanship and unique tone of voice and also the magical beauty of watercolours. The result is both personal, emotional and fascinating.