In search for control

The collection CTRL, made by the Belgian visual artist and designer Jeroen Broux, includes fascinating acrylic paintings where form, balance, and colours meet in a graphical and unique expression. The series is about the tickling, and sometimes scary, search for control over shapes, colours and techniques.

Design has been a common thread in Jeroen Broux's life. After many years of working at advertising agencies, Jeroen Broux became an independent graphic designer and started his own design studio; Imagica. But working with digital images and designs, made Jeroen Broux long for the more analog art creation. When he decided to go back to working with his hands on canvas and paper, he took a step into a freer, and less controlled, design process. In 2019, this resulted in the series CTRL:

“This first series of paintings is a reflection of my search for control (CTRL). Moving away from the computer screen meant having less control.”

Jeroen Broux’s paintings can be described as an extension of his graphic language which includes clear lines and subtle forms combined with a minimalist colour palette. Contrasting lines, gravity, volume, and space are all important elements in Jeroen Broux’s art.

“When working on canvas, I am forced to think differently, to reason differently. As a result, I am much freer and more aware. The search for control over the shape, the colours and the techniques makes this a very personal series for me.”

For The Ode To Jeroen Broux has created the series CTRL and Enter which include sterling shapes in bold and soft colours. We love the way Jeroen Broux combines his background in graphic design, with his curious and creative mindset, and how something beautiful is formed when those two meet.