For the love of colour

Soft colours and geometric shapes. That’s the starting point for Josefin Tolstoy’s art. Based in Uppsala, Josefin Tolstoy combines her work as a graphic designer and interior decorator with her artistic career.

Photo: Åsa Liffner

“I’m inspired by shapes and the soothing colours of nature especially the point where those two meets.”

Josefin Tolstoy works with a combination of acrylic paint and mixed media. In some of her paintings there’s an extra sense of texture, achieved by Josefin Tolstoy’s own recipe of mortar and acrylic mix. Those paintings are made by laying the canvas on the floor while painting, since the homemade paint is heavy.

For The Ode To, Josefin Tolstoy has created a series of artworks called The Pieces, including both figurative and abstract pieces. They are strong in both composition and shapes, as well as being expressive and vulnerable. At The Ode To we are grateful to see how Tolstoy’s art reflects a truly human experience: the importance of offering support and being supported by others. Even in Tolstoy’s abstract, geometric work, the different shapes are being supported and held together by composition. Looking at them we are reminded of compassion and togetherness—perhaps more important than ever.