With a background in music and design, Josefin Zachrisson always had the need to express herself and her emotions, and continuously sought for different ways to do that. While exploring, she found art. After four years of art and design studies, three of them at Beckmans College of Design in Stockholm, she is now constantly finding more ways to express her thoughts, feelings, and ideas through creating unique pieces. Her art is intuitive and lead by emotions that are often found in her pieces, making the process behind the work as important as the result. 

Josefin Zachrisson Trash vases

For The Ode To, Josefin has created the series “Trash”. The concept behind this series is to play with context. With her vases, Josefin wants to question a word, a material, as well as an object. 

The material used is called jesmonite. It’s a mixture of plaster and plastic that hardens, and becomes strong and solid, without the use of an oven. For the series “Trash” Josefin has casted fluid jesmonite in a trash bag and then moulded it in different layers as it hardens. It’s a pure experimental process, making each piece completely unique. Are you in the pursuit for one-of-a-kind art? Explore Josefin Zachrisson's artworks.

Josefin Zachrisson Artist Portrait Josefin Zachrisson Artist Studio