Julie Fitzpatrick is an English artist that describes her aesthetics as “whimsical, ethereal and lively”. Through her poetic and vivid watercolour paintings, she transports the viewer to scenic places while providing them with a glimpse of her inner fantasies and strong fascination for the nature. The art of Julie Fitzpatrick is surely extraordinary by being fanciful, exquisite and cheerful. With a unique and fickle expression, she mixes colours and shapes into dreamlike perceptions, showing snapshots of our precious world.

The artistic interest has been a constant in Julie Fitzpatrick’s life. Already as a child she took her sketchbooks to the art galleries, and with inspiration from the great Impressionist masters, she started to create. Since then, the thrill of creating beautiful things has stayed, and steadily grown, with her.

A history PhD student by day, an artist by night. Julie Fitzpatrick tries to find all time possible to art and often finds herself studying the powerful qualities of art as a tool for spiritual and physical resistance. Even though the interest in art started when Julie Fitzpatrick was young, it became more prominent during the pandemic. As the indoor life became more of a routine than the outdoors, the art naturally took a bigger part in her life. The concept of painting from memory, as an effect of lock down, became the perfect way to combine her inner passions: art and history.

Julie Fitzpatrick finds herself drawn to the medium of watercolour, because of its ability to be both translucent and opaque. And the way she uses watercolour in a magical and characteristic way is rarely seen. In her art she illustrates places she is longing for, but also places that remind her of the fragile beauty of our world. In the collection “Landscape Studies” Julie Fitzpatrick combines visions of landscapes, taken from real life and her imagination. The series made for The Ode To abstracts our perception of landscapes and gives tribute to different places in the world. We love the astounding way that Julie Fitzpatrick captures the beauty of nature and how these paintings make us see the world differently; in a more thankful and colourful way.

"My ‘Landscape Studies’ series is an amalgamation of imagined and real landscapes that I have visited or dreamt about over the last few months. The world we live in is a beautiful place full of topographical nuances, seasonal idiosyncrasies and the daily rhythms of night and day. These natural patterns create dramatic colour stories, cast different shadows and evoke different moods."