The Ode To | Kassandra Widmark Utas | Artist Portrait

Kassandra Widmark Utas

Kassandra Widmark Utas was always destined to be a visual artist, but for many years she worked as a musician and the music took up her creativity. Lately the visual arts are back through her drawing as well as ceramic studies at Nyckelviksskolan in Stockholm.

With the series 'Phaces' Kassandra envisions faces through phases and with few and thoughtful lines her characters show strong personalities. Her drawings are minimal, but dramatic. Behind the few and clean lines lie years of practice to find the energetic and fast process needed to capture a real face.

We have collected her original drawings available exclusively at The Ode To. See Kassandra Widmark Utas' artworks

The Ode To Artist Kassandra Widmark Utas