One day when we where scrolling away on instagram, the beautiful collages by Kelly Jay caught our eyes. We instantly fell for the clean lines and tactile geometry - we always love when an artwork get a three-dimensional look. With roots in Britain, The Caribbean and India, Kelly Jay is based in Bristol. She clearly and beautifully tells her story, so we'll share her own words for you:

Could you tell us about your background and how you came to be an artist?

– I would say I’m still just at the beginning of my journey as a creative. In the past, I’ve studied Fine Art where I explored a wide range of mediums and techniques such as drawing, painting, printmaking, and textiles to name a few. I loved the freedom of trying something new every day in the studio, which is something I still like to try and do now. Over the past year, I’ve journeyed into discovering my own artistic style and expression. Becoming a practising artist has always been a dream of mine. Through platforms such as Instagram, I’m connecting with like-minded creatives and collectors which is something I really value. The traditional barriers between art and collectors are significantly reduced - I love chatting with people and sharing my work that way.

How would you describe your art and aesthetics?

– My work expresses the visual poetics of form – composed of predominantly neutral tones. My art aesthetic stems from a desire to create authentic work. I currently work using paper, canvas and plaster, with a contemporary and minimalistic feel. I explore the stories within form and composition - looking for ways to express a feeling or an idea. Taking inspiration from everyday objects, re-imagined forms and design, I create abstracted narratives. I tend to work with the intention of the art interacting with and enhancing an interior environment. This comes from me also being a designer, studying for an Interior Design degree at University. I believe that art and design inform one another and aren’t mutually exclusive.

Where do you find your inspiration?

– I'm very interested in the way stories and memories are recorded. My inspiration can come from old cave paintings, experiences or my imagination. Recently, I have begun research into African and Caribbean folklore and legends. This has been alongside exploring Indian stories, artwork and patterns. My work consists of figurative and symbol-like elements that I relate to my stories and characters. In my art, I aim to portray a sense of mystery, magic and performance.