Life in colour

To step into the universe of Krista Rosenkilde is a vibrant, colourful and energetic experience. Even as a child Krista Rosenkilde was very creative and artistic, so it came as no surprise that she grew up to be an artist. Based in Copenhagen, Krista Rosenkilde graduated with a master in painting from the Danish Royal Academy of Fine Arts in 2009.

“I would describe my work as very colorful with a lot of 70's vibes.”

Painting, linocut, and sculpture are a few of the art forms that Rosenkilde works with. Inspired by the aesthetics of the 70's, her signature style is always decorative, slightly childish at times, and never ever dull.

For The Ode To, Krista Rosenkilde has created an exclusive series of ceramic sculptures, called “Little Circus Soldiers.” Each piece is unique; hand modeled in stoneware and coated in colored slip.

“I see the sculptures I have made for this collab as a small army of optimism and happiness. So, I send them out like little soldiers, hoping that they will put a smile on people’s faces.”

Bursting with optimism and humour, as well as colour and eye-catching shapes, Krista Rosenkilde’s artworks are exactly what we at The Ode To are longing for right now. Communicating to our senses, rather than our intellects, we must admit that the art of Krista Rosenkilde simply makes our hearts sing.