The Ode To - Kristiina Haataja

Kristiina Haataja

We started seeing Stockholm-based Kristiina's serene sculptures not too long ago and suddenly we could find them in all the magazines we love. Kristiina has been working with fine art for a long time and got a newfound love for clay sculptures last year after her friend and interior stylist Annaleena Leino commissioned an artwork for a shoot. For The Ode To we've selected our favourite stoneware and metal sculptures.

The sculptures have a modern design and personal expression. Each piece is made by hand and in different types of stoneware and structures, which gives the sculptures different types of personalities. Working with clay takes patience as each artwork takes around two weeks to finish, from shaping the clay, to drying and finally burning in the kiln. Kristiina also designs metal sculptures that are produced by hand by welder Ironwood Design.

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The Ode To Kristiina Haataja Artist Portrait

The Ode To Kristiina Haataja Artist Portrait