LACC is a Stockholm based design collaboration by Charlotta Hallström and Carl Cyrén, who started working together in 2015 while studying at Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm. Both working within the fields of craft, design and interior architecture, Charlotta and Carl started LACC as a platform allowing more experimental and playful work ranging from furniture to art pieces.

Exploring the field of art has further allowed LACC to approach their creative process as a big playing field, where they can express themselves and experiment. Not being chained to a certain style or aesthetic, the material and the process is the central driving force for LACC when making new work. The mix between traditional craft and digital manufacturing techniques is prevalent in their expression. This fuse of contrasting approaches allows for chance and randomness in their process, where the unexpected occurs and, more often than not, is also the most interesting result. 

LACC Artist portrait Soba Glass Vases

For The Ode To, LACC has created the series Soba, consisting of mouth blown glass sculptures created in a wooden mould made from cnc-milled (high-tech drill FYI) wooden curves. The series is a result of exploring a new expression in-between a digital imprint and the traditional craftsmanship of blowing glass. The natural unpredictability of glass as a material was central for this series: One can create a mould attempting to anticipate how the glass will react and be formed, but in the end one will never know what the final outcome will be. Much like art itself. See LACC’s full collection here.

 Soba Glass Vase