Based in Bergen, Norway, designer and sculptor Laurie Poast possesses the rare background of being educated in both Studio Art and Business Administration from the United States. A major influence for Poast was working with a variety of materials, after watching the work of her father, a builder of structures and an acclaimed luthier of violins and other musical instruments. Growing up under the wings of half-built airplanes and playing with wood remnants from violin-making made Poast an expert of methods and material at a very young age, and is something that has grown with her education and in her own practice. 

Laurie Poast sculpture Laurie Poast sculpture

 Though Poast has ties to many parts of the world, her artistry shows a clear tendency towards modern Scandinavian minimalism. This is evident through the restraint in her work, where Poast allows the clean lines and shapes she forms, as well as the materials she uses, to be the ones to tell the stories. 

Laurie Poast Artist Portrait

In the ‘Formamata’ series, created by Laurie Poast for The Ode To, the pieces are assemblages of hand-worked geometric forms made in a beautiful ceramic-plaster composite. The inspiration for this series stems from humans’ endless infatuation with spheres, curves, angles and proportion. Our tendency to put emotional and social chaos into order, into neat geometrical stacks. To create form out of unformed elements, to count and arrange into harmony. To curate moments of pleasure, of calm, of delight of the visual sense. 

The pure language in Laurie Poast’s artistry makes the pieces difficult to connect to a specific period of time - they are reminiscent of artifacts from days gone by, but may just as well be a message from the future. Perhaps this speaks to Poast’s skills, who, through her artwork, manages to convey that certain human emotions and behaviours are essential to our being, and is something that not even time will be able to fade. It’s a message that goes well with Poast’s philosophy and her hope that her audience will continue to collect pieces that will transform their space for decades or for generations to come. And that they acquire only the very few things that bring them this instinctive, timeless closeness to their own sense of beauty. See Laurie Poast’s sculpture collection.

Laurie Poast Group Sculptures