Li Hui says it best herself - her photos are "delicate, between reality and fantasy." We've admired her work from a distance for some time and are thrilled to be able to share her fantastic analogue photos. We love Li's ability to balance a poetic femininity without ever getting girly or objectified. 

Li Hui Artist Portrait

Li Hui is based in Hangzhou, China, but it's in the digital world as well as in the US that she has gained a name for herself. It all started when she got her first film camera and got fascinated by double exposing pictures and wanting to understand how that magic happened. The will to explore and experiment using the analogue camera fed her creativity and eventually made Li Hui become a self-taught photographer. 

"My character is also reflected in my work. I am not particularly social, so I may have less contact with everyday society compared to others. As a result, I am more sensitive to my surroundings. Photography is the best way for me to create something of my own." This subtle way of telling stories is what makes Li Hui's photos so intriguing and timeless - they have a romantic sense of melancholy. Take a closer look at Li Hui's photos

Li Hui Photo Li Hui Photo Edition