The Ode To | Artist Portrait | Liat Greenberg

Liat Greenberg

Liat Greenberg is an Israeli fashion designer and painter, who now lives in Stockholm, Sweden. She keeps creativity as a fundamental part of her everyday life, both professionally and as a means of expression.

Liat Greenberg's paintings come spontaneously as her emotions and ideas are transformed into colours and shapes. Liat sees aquarelle painting and drawing as a meditative, non-verbal and unconscious form of expression. Letting her intuition guide her way, the colours vary between lines, blots and blooms. We fell for the beautiful choice of colours and how they bleed into each other. Plus she has the most clean signature, which to be honest impressed us too. 

Her subjects are live models with different body types, ages and backgrounds. The intimacy of the model's natural state paired with the public form, makes this form of painting so special. For a celebration of the female form, have a look at Liat Greenberg's paintings.   

The Ode To Liat Greenberg Liat Greenberg Artist Portrait