Creativity has always been part of Lillian Tørlen's life. It started with drawings in the brim of the school books and then circled around film, theatre and prop making until finally landing with ceramics. It's the willingness to create things and understand different materials and techniques that has been the red thread throughout Lillian's creative life. Lillian studied at Central St Martins in London and Konsthøyskolen in Oslo.

Her vases are real works of art - technically crafted and beautifully adapted to the space around them. We love the balance of something well made and arty, yet with a dash of humour. See all Lillian Tørlen's artworks

The Ode To Artist Lillian Tørlen

"The series “Mould” is an offshoot/branch/part of an ongoing love I have for creating vases that are shaped to, seemingly moulded by, their surroundings. The theme that I am investigating through these is a sense of belonging and attachment, and the compromises one sometimes has to do in order to fit in.

 The vases in this series for The Ode To are all made in the same mould but shaped individually to fit onto corners and edges. The title refers to both the way they are made, their origin, as well as the act of forming and being formed.  I was interested in how the same origin can yield different outcomes."