Forever knots

The series of textile collages on canvas that Linn Henrichson has created for The Ode To is called 'Nodum'. In her work, Linn Henrichson has turned different kinds of knots into bold, expressive artworks.

“I’m compelled by how practical, yet visually intriguing and beautiful knots are. Each piece in the series is named after the knot it represents.”

In Linn Henrichson’s abstract, visual language, the encounter between analogue craft and modern technology is emphasized.

“I like when the impression is a bit organic, and a bit mechanical, at the same time. Among other things, I’m inspired by old printmaking techniques and the errors that can occur in those processes.”

Before pursuing her career as an artist, Linn Henrichson worked in the field of graphic design for several years. But realizing how important an artistic angle was to her practice, her ambitions started to shift.

“I wanted to find an expanded approach to my creative process, applying my background in graphic design to a range of different media and techniques that are more associated with other artistic fields.”

This led Linn Henrichson to explore everything from textiles to woodwork and various sculptural techniques. Her purpose was to stay at a critical distance from everything digital and the limitations of the screen, without losing a hint towards the digital sphere in her visual expression.

At The Ode To we love how Linn Henrichson combines her background in graphic design with her artistic practice, and how something truly unique is created when those two experiences meet.