Lisa Hartwig is just at the beginning of her second career and we're very excited to see where it takes her just from the look of her first bubbly, candy-coloured vases. 

Lisa worked with human rights and politics for almost 15 years, until she decided to go all in on becoming an artist. She'd been working with ceramics on the side, but wanted to develop further as an artist and got into Konstfack, Sweden's most prominent higher education in art and crafts. She started her BA in Glass and Ceramics and instantly started experimenting with fusing both of the materials, which is how the series "Materials in Motion" came to life. 


With her newfound love for ceramics and glass, Lisa Hartwig Ericson finds herself experimenting with different materials and push the limit of what's possible to do (combining ceramics and glass is really unusual and technically not really possible as the require very different methods when working). Her aesthetics is therefore characterised by motion, mix and lots of everything, since there's always movement in the shapes and the clash between different materials. 

"I like fearless pieces that are not trying to hard to fit in. My pieces want to be the center of attention and are not too shy to let it show." 

See all the vases by Lisa Hartwig Ericson and their yummy, flowy and vivid looks. 

Lisa Hartwig Ericson vases