Playing with proportions

Swedish artist Malou Palmqvist grew up in a creative family; her mother is an author and her father a fine artist and graphic designer. So, it came as no surprise when Malou Palmqvist chose an artistic career.

“Art, design and literature has been an important part of my life since childhood.”

The series of artworks that Malou Palmqvist has created for The Ode To, using a mix of different materials, is called Growth.

“My sculptures challenge the idea of ​​what is impossible. They exist in the borderland between the beautiful and fragilethe seemingly well-balancedand the grotesque and ugly.” 

At The Ode To we are intrigued by how Malou Palmqvist’s sculptures explore the fundamental laws of nature, combining geometric forms with rough and organic shapes. Odd objects are put together and form something new—a kind of symbiosis. It is inspiring to see how Malou Palmqvist seeks beauty in the unfinished, and the imperfect, especially when it comes to the colours that she uses.  

“Colour is one of the most important aspects of my work, but the colour combinations may be unconventional and dirty.”

Moving forward, Malou Palmqvist plans to scale up her work and to make larger sculptures for sculpture parks, gardens, and people’s homes. At The Ode To we’re very excited to follow her artistic journey.