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Malou Palmqvist

Malou Palmqvist is a Swedish artist crafting sculptures that challenge the idea of what’s possible. By exploring the most fundamental laws of nature her pieces make attractive forces masse together and ultimately exposing each other. Her use of different materials creates an illusion that the objects have stopped in the middle of a movement when the materials have met and collapsed. When blurring the boundaries between artificial and natural objects a sort of artificial balance is created. 

Malou describes her pieces as if they are moving in the borderline between the beautiful and fragile, and the grotesque and ugly - making them yet more interesting. We love how the objects sit together and form something new, creating a beautiful symbiosis between elements. 

Malou Palmqvist Handmade Sculptures

The sculptures of Malou Palmqvist are composed of a spread of different materials, formed into ergonomically inclined objects. The base is often made in stoneware where several layers of engobe and glazes are used to reinforce the shape. Sometimes she adds plastics into the mix, blending in natural pigments to reach a hard and stone-like result. She always works colours into her objects where the combinations of colours tend to be unconventional, finding beauty in the unfinished and imperfect. 

Malou Palmqvist Artist Studio Malou Palmqvist Artist Portrait

For The Ode To, Malou Palmqvist has created the series Growth. In this collection of sculptures she has created a shape so thin that a collapse of the object is almost inevitable. In the clay you can see her fingerprints, leaving a trace of her own artistry in each piece. We absolutely love her brave sculptures, flirting with gravity and challenging our sense of the normal. See for yourself by exploring the full collection by Malou Palmqvist

Malou Palmqvist grew up in Sweden surrounded by art, design and litterature with her father, a fine artist and graphic designer, and her mother who is an author. She graduated from her Bachelor of Art from Middlesex University in London, having her Art Foundation from Kent. Since graduating Malou has worked as both a designer and artist in London and Gothenburg and is now aspiring to create larger sculptures for parks, gardens and homes. 

Malou Palmqvist Artist Studio Clay