The Ode To | Artist Portrait | Malwina Kleparska

Malwina Kleparska

At only nine years old, heartened by her mum, Malwina Kleparska started taking ceramic classes and has ever since been creating in clay. After spending a few years in school and working, Malwina decided to give the clay a more prominent place in her life and started her own business and studio in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Malwina Kleparska is a sculptor focusing on what she herself refers to as “functional sculptures”. She emphasizes the expression of the clay itself by giving room for the individual qualities and colours of different types of clay to speak in her pieces. By sometimes using a glossy and clear glaze, the uniqueness of every artwork is highlighted when the light reflects on the surfaces, and the natural colours of the clay gets to take place. All of her work is made by hand, with fingerprints left consciously in order to accentuate the singularity of each piece. 

The OdeTO Malwina Kleparska hand-painted

Her series “Hollow” for The Ode To, is an extension of her previous work and a fine collection of three objects in a subtle scale. The series consists of two vases and a candle holder and stems from Malwina’s fascination of shapes with holes, as the hole itself becomes an interesting shape within the bigger piece. Are you prowling for some new art? Then have a look at the subtle yet playful vases of Malwina Kleparska

TheOde To Malwina Kleparska Ceramics