Dreamy drapes

Glossy textures, draped shapes and a dreamy colour palette: discovering the art of Manon Steyaert is like entering a candy shop. Born in 1996, French artist Manon Steyaert is one of the most interesting emerging artists right now. Before earning her master’s degree in Fine Art from Chelsea College of Arts, Manon Steyaert studied at Central Saint Martins in London.

Manon Steyaert’s strong visual expression has already been widely appreciated and acknowledged. It’s especially interesting how her artworks explore the ambiguous spaces between painting and sculpture.  

“I wanted these works to be easily integrated into a home, to bring seduction into one’s room and allowing the folds to flow on the wall.”

Creating her artworks, Manon Steyaert colours silicone, making it look like flowy fabrics draped on the wall. With curiosity as a guiding star, Manon Steyaert explores how the silicone can be transformed against its intended use. The merging of shiny textures and attractive colours are inviting and playful to the eye, bringing together the gaze of the beholder and the physical presence of the artwork in a dance of power and seduction. Always present is a sense of interaction—there’s a tension of wrapping, stretching, and draping between the shapes and their fluidity.

For The Ode To Manon Steyaert has created a series of artworks called Light Gaze. Compared to her previous works, this series is not as brightly coloured, setting focus on finding shapes within the works, to look out for shadows and discover a more minimalistic side of Manon Steyaert’s art.

“A lot of what we see every day can be quite harsh on our gaze, so I wanted to create lightly coloured works to be soft on our gaze.”

At The Ode To we are excited to present this eye-catching collection of flowy, layered artworks that are equally thought-provoking and irresistible.