The Ode To | Marika Vaccino Andersson | Artist Portrait

Marika Vaccino Andersson

This is quite a master of ethereal paintings and getting magic out of colours. One of The Ode To's Co-Founder (Helena) got to know Marika Vaccino Andersson when they both worked at & Other Stories. Marika is a graphic designer, but painting is often present in her work and her hand has touched many of & Other Stories' artistic packaging designs and photo shoots. 

She has a number of artists in her family and so has always been surrounded by artistry. She studied art for two years, did a shift to psychology and then ended up graduating in graphic design from Beckman's School of Design in Stockholm. 

Marika Vaccino Andersson is based in Stockholm and has a studio overlooking the stark Swedish nature with pine trees and shifting skies, which is reflected in her motifs. Her series 'Cloud Studies' is exclusively made for The Ode To. See all paintings

The Ode To Marika Vaccino Andersson

"I would say i´m driven by experimenting with different paints, brushes and tools. Usually i find something by mistake, a combination of different paints that react to each other for instance. In the quest to understand a new technique i usually do alot of studies and testing. This usually results in a number of paintings that are variations of the same motif. To some degree the process is controlled but the paints also take on a life of there own creating shapes and textures i didn´t expect.

Lately i´ve been focused on abstract landscapes and nature, often with a suggestive feel. Perception is also a reoccuring theme in my art. The cloud formation paintings for instance, are quite open for interpretation."