Immediately when Marthine Spinnangr discovered ceramics she fell in love; a life interest and material fascination was born when first introduced to it as part of her degree within Product Design at Oslo Metropolitan University. Marthine Spinnangr deep dived into a new world of ceramic techniques which led to many hours in the studio experimenting with glazes. This explorative and curious approach is highly present in her daily working process and results in a unique artistic voice.

As an experimental artist Marthine Spinnangr loves to discover new things and try different material combinations. She descibes herself as a designer working in the intersection between art and design where she always strives to create unique objects that speak in one way or another about what it means to be a human being. By building and shaping clay by hand she uses coiling and pinching to create her design. Inspired by bio morphism and emotional design Marthine Spinnangr strives to create objects that are valued in their aesthetic appearance, but also connects on a more primal level.

The sculptures made for The Ode To are personal objects with lots of expression and personalities. Investigating the combination of experimental colour use and abstract shapes these sculptures captures the essence of Marthine Spinnangr artistic voice and works as an extension and reflection of her self:

"I would describe my art as part of me, in clay form. As I create the shapes in clay, it in turn captures a part of who I am. I also always tune into my intuition when I work, and I do think that the energy that I am creating is left somewhere in the artwork."