The Ode To - Mathilda Clahr

Mathilda Clahr

Mathilda is an interior architect that recently graduated with a Master in Spatial Design from Konstfack Collage of Art. As part of her final project she studied different surfaces and shapes, and it was through her final exhibition that we noticed Mathilda. Since she's an interior architect, the space and the room is often in focus, also in her prints that get a spatial quality.

For The Ode To she has taken pictures of patterns and shapes in folded textile and clay, which she's then carefully cut and experimented with into three-dimensional collages that are then photographed. The effect is quite mesmerizing and the motif jumps out of the picture so that you want to touch it to make sure that it's really flat.

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The Ode To Mathilda Clahr Artist Portrait

The Ode To Mathilda Clahr Artist Portrait